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If you came to visit Provence, once in Avignon, like a mermaid the city will bewitch you and you will not want to leave! And just to “see” the city, you can wander for days through its inner city neighborhoods without ever getting bored. Avignon is full of history and full of life and invites you for a stay under the sign of happiness!

Capital of Vaucluse and Côtes du Rhône, city of the popes, city of art and culture, theater, cinema, museums, department stores and small shops, Avignon is a small town which has everything of a big one and still ... From medieval houses and alleys to Renaissance mansions, including all its beautiful and old squares and a variety of gastronomy, ranging from family, good and inexpensive to the greatest starred chefs. The historic city center, the Palais des Papes, the episcopal complex and the Saint Bénézet bridge are listed as world heritage by UNESCO.

Originally Forum d’Avenio - the Roman city in the 1st century BC. AD - the Place de l’Horloge remains the "center" of Avignon. Here is the Town Hall, built between 1845 and 1851 on the site of an old cardinal’s livery of which it has preserved the old fortified tower transformed into a belfry in the 15th century, as well as the clock in Jacquemart. Next to it, the municipal theater, also from the 19th century, houses the Avignon opera house and at the top of the square, turns the pretty Belle Époque carousel. A meeting place, lined with terraces of cafes and restaurants, the square is always very lively. Just like the Place du Palais above, a vast esplanade invaded in summer by street entertainers.

And as its name indicates, here is the formidable Palace of the Popes, emblem of the city and monumental witness of the importance of Avignon in the Christian world in the Middle Ages. Built from 1335, mainly by two building popes, the austere Benedict XII and his successor, the much less ascetic Clement VI, the palace would become the largest Gothic building in all of Europe. The visit, which includes the private apartments with their fabulous frescoes, is one of the must-sees in Avignon.


A masterpiece of ancient architecture, the Pont du Gard is one of the best preserved Roman remains in the world. Discover a grandiose monument at the heart of the route of this Roman aqueduct.


A veritable eagle’s nest in the heart of the Alpilles, Les Baux-de-Provence remains the essential Provençal stopover that artists, artisans and producers bring to life all year round.


Orange, gateway to Provence, a city incredibly rich in history, from Celtic fortifications to Roman constructions that are still talked about.


Arles is a city located on the Rhône, in the Provence region of southern France. It is renowned for having inspired the paintings of Van Gogh, who influenced contemporary art exhibited at the Vincent Van Gogh Foundation. Once the provincial capital of ancient Rome, Arles is also renowned for its many ruins dating from that era, notably the Amphitheater of Arles, now hosting plays, concerts and bullfights.