Guest table

During your stay you will have the opportunity to taste the best local products at our table d’hôtes. At noon, enjoy lunch on the pool house terrace a stone’s throw from the swimming pool and in the evening take a seat in our restaurant "le Panoramique" with a superb view of the Vis Valley.


The meal consists of an aperitif, a starter, a main course, a cheese buffet and a dessert. Find our 2020 menu below. Find our brand new 2021 menu soon!

Prices: 37 euros per person, 15 euros for children under 10 years old.

  • Restaurant
  • Lamb, mashed potatoes with ewe’s tomme cheese
  • Crème brulée


Sample menu:
- # Slate of local cold meats
Raw ham, country sausage, country terrine,
Green salad, butter and pickles
- # Shepherd’s Burger
Aubrac minced steak, sheep’s cheese, sweet Cévennes onions, tomato and old-fashioned mustard
Mesclun and homemade chips
- # Seasonal vegetable tart
Mesclun salad and sundried tomatoes

  1. Cesar salad
    Lettuce, minced free-range chicken, organic hard-boiled egg, parmesan shavings and croutons
    - # Larzac lentil salad
    Mesclun, Larzac lentils, sundried tomatoes, smoked duck breast, croutons and alfafa
    - # Plate of the Screw
    Duo of organic trout from La Vis, smoked and marinated
    Mesclun salad
    - # Larzac cheese slate
    Pélardon, pérail, Roquefort and sheep’s cheese

Prices: 15 euros per person, 7 euros for children under 10 years old.

All meals are reserved for customers only, to be reserved at least 48 hours in advance (subject to availability).


Take advantage of our terrace with a view of the river in the morning to have your homemade breakfast. Hot drinks, freshly squeezed orange juice, pastries baked on site, regional cold meats and cheeses, pies, quiches ... And that’s not all!

  • Breakfast
  • Breakfast